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Farm to Fork Beef

We currently partner with Lake Majestik Farms to raise the finest quality of sustainable beef. Every calf born on the farm is meticulously evaluated and cared for by each rancher as they grow. The cattle thrive on maintaining the pasture's natural balances by grazing on the local forages, which are thoroughly cultivated to provide optimal nutrition. Because Lake Majestik is a working family farm, they are able to use natural practices to minimize stress. This, in turn, provides each consumer with top-notch steaks that can't be found just anywhere!

In stock currently:

- Filet Mignon

- Ribeye Steaks

- New York Strip Steaks

- T-Bone Steaks

- Sirloin Steaks

- Brisket

- Roasts

- Ground Beef (2lb packages)

Whole and 1/2 cow portions are also available upon request.

How to order:

Connect with us on Facebook!

Send us a private message with your name, number, email address, and the items you're interested in ordering. Local delivery/pick-up only.

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